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About Us

Fresh and Refined is skincare and grooming products for men by men. It’s a brand built out of respect and quality that offers men the means to look, smell, and feel their best.

A Fresh and Refined gentleman is crisp, clean, and authentic. He has good taste and a unique sense of style. He appreciates a well-tailored suit with a polished pair of brogue shoes or a classic pair jeans with an oxford shirt. His style is timeless…

To us, your appearance is not something a man should take lightly; it should be the utmost importance. That’s why our products were designed to help improve your skin texture and appearance for better looking skin. Our products use ingredients like aloe vera, sweet almonds, lavender, and others to help you look and feel you’re best each day.

Our Products




Since the launch of our men face wash, we will be looking to release other men skin care products from facial moisturizer to facial scrub. We are looking forward to the launch of more awesome men skin care products. Stay tuned!